Introduction to SASSG

Welcome to SASSG Inc. (A0043222T Incorporation Registration)

SASSG is a not for profit organisation that is run by an elected committee of volunteers. Most of the committee members are parents/carers of children who are on the spectrum. Since it was founded, a number of committee members and volunteers have worked very hard, along with many local organisations that have supported SASSG in seeing the many wonderful things that have been achieved in assisting and supporting parents and carers of Sunraysia.

We offer a range of different events and programs for children, parents and/or carers and for the siblings to join in as well; Lego Club, Social dinner nights, Coffee mornings, Committee dinner nights, Mid year family fun day, Christmas family fun day. From time to time we are offered programs that assist carers, to assist the people they are caring for, and programs that the rest family can come along to as well.

We post most of these events on the SASSG Discussion Facebook page. Most of the above events and meetings are free to SASSG members and their families. So we encourage every one to come along and get involved. Click here for the SASSG Events Calendar.

Please note that SASSG does not offer any advice to any particular medical service or therapy run program. SASSG does not assess, pay for individual or group therapies or treatment, but may help guide you to where you may be able to gain advice and services.

Membership is only available for parents and carers, who care for someone on the autism spectrum. You can also join as a member if you are 16+ and you are on the autism spectrum, and live independently or interdependently. You will find the membership link by clicking here.

Thank you,

SASSG Committee.